“Brise de mer” will be played in Meridian International Festival

My piano piece “Brise de mer” will be played by Andreea Bratu on November 11th, in Meridian International Festival. The recital held at Multifunctional Educational Center for Youth “Jean Constantin” and will start at 5:00 PM and will also include pieces by great composers such Berio, Hosokawa, Lutoslawski or Jolivet. I am honored to be in such a great musical company and also that my work will be played alongside my teacher’s from my bachelor and masters, mrs. Daniela Cojocaru.
I have some great memories from the time when I wrote this piece, the autumn and winter of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. It was my first composition written during my PhD studies, supervised by my guiding teacher, mr. Dan Dediu. And the fact that this was an important step in my career, I wanted to underline it and so I decided to write a piece about one of the intimate element in the life of a person that grew up near the sea, the sea breeze, la ”brise de mere”.It was an amazing quest to write this piece and it literally opened new ways of seeing the music composition process.

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