Adrian Mihai – composer and teacher

February 23 1987 – Constanța


– PhD in Music Composition at the National University of Music Bucharest in 2018 under the guidance of teacher Dan Dediu

– Masters Degree in Music Education at “Ovidius” University from Constanța in 2013

– Bachelor Degree in Music Education at ”Ovidius” University from Constanța in 2009

– Other courses: Hollywood’s Film Music at National University of Music Bucharest in 2013; Film Music masterclass at MusicUs Summer Camp in 2012; Songwriting course at ”Ovidius” University from Constanța in 2009



– Four orchestra pieces (Concerto for duduk and string orchestra, Two suites for orchestra, Noiseopolis for percussion, synthesizer and orchestra), chamber music (duduk and string quartet, septet, octet), two piano pieces (Brise de mer, Sonatina)

– Incidental music for over thirty theatre shows produced by Youth Theatre Piatra Neamț,Long March Space Museum, Beijing, Constanța State Theatre, Georgiana Rusu NGO; among them are: “Titanic Orchestra” – directed by Iulian Enache, 2012, Constanța State Theater; “Nişte Năroji” – directed by Iulian Enache, 2014, Constanța State Theater; “Testosterone” – directed by Traian Şoimu, 2018, Constanța State Theater, “Survival Guide” – directed by Cristi Avram, 2019, Piatra Neamț Youth Theater; one of the composers for the show “Ishvara” (2016) directed by Tianzhou Chen, which premiered at the Long March Space Museum in Beijing; ”și dacă asta e o ploaie din aia de nu se mai oprește” – directed by Daniel Chirilă, 2021, Rusu Georgiana NGO

– Film music for five shorts two of which were noted for this category: “Veni, Vidi, Fugi: I Came, I Saw, I Fled” (2016), directed by Robert Eugen Popa, produced by Silver Bullet Film Romania that featured Maia Morgenstern; the short film was awarded on five continents, and the film’s music was nominated at the “Arte Non Stop” Buenos Aires Festival in the category “Best Music for a Short Film”, along with four other selected productions from over fifty short films participating in the festival; another film project was “Magician’s Assistant” directed by Nikhail Asnani in 2017, produced in Hong Kong

– Video game music for three video games: ”Beat Buffoonery” a rhythm game that 3rd place at Global Game Jam Bucharest Edition) – 2024, ”Escape Syndrome” a puzzle rhythm game for Rhythm Game Jam – 2024, ”Root Dispute” a strategy game for Global Game Jam Bucharest Edition – 2023

– Over thirty pop music songs some among them awarded in pop music festivals for kids and youth; electronic music productions, remixes and bootlegs that were played on TV and radio shows, online and in clubs


Teaching experience:

– teacher since 2010, currently holds the Assistant Lecturer position at „Ovidius” University Constanța, Faculty of Arts and also taught Music at Constanța Military Highschool and other mid-schools from the aforementioned city